DOSPEL as the Ventilation Systems Leader has 46 years of experience in the ventilation market and is one of the most recognized brands in the industry. The dynamic development of the company has strengthened the position of the Ventilation Systems Leader, and the export of products to over 50 countries around the world continues to strengthen this position. Due to the wide range of products, DOSPEL has dominated the Polish ventilation market. The offer includes many models of domestic fans that will not only ensure high air quality, but also aesthetically complement your interior design. DOSPEL also offers industrial fans, elements of ventilation systems, ventilation systems with recuperation and ventilation and air conditioning units for your company. Our R&D team, following new technical and technological solutions, is constantly improving the design, durability and functionality of our products. The quality of DOSPEL is confirmed by many certificates.

Dospel catalogue


Dear customer, below you can find our virtual catalogue where you can browse our offer in a simple and user-friendly way, without unnecessary file downloading.

dospel, lider wentylacji, kratki, zakończrnia, katalog, cennik, rosyjski
dospel, lider wentylacji, kratki, zakończrnia, katalog, cennik, rosyjski
dospel, lider wentylacji, kratki, zakończrnia, katalog, cennik, angielski
dospel, lider wentylacji, kratki, zakończrnia, katalog, cennik, polski
dospel, lider wentylacji, kratki, zakończrnia, katalog, cennik, polski
dospel, lider wentylacji, kratki, zakończrnia, katalog, cennik, polski

Dospel offer

Our assortment includes domestic, bathroom, duct, industrial and roof fans. Our offer also includes venting ducts ends, ventilation grilles and ventilation ducts. The assortment also includes ventilation units with recuperation, industrial units and heating-ventilation devices.

Wentylator domowy, wentylator kanałowy, wentylator ścienny


RIMERA is a line of fans with a unique design that will perfectly complement your bathroom, kitchen and living room. Rimera has the fourth class of IP protection, which results from the quality of workmanship and a durable housing. Rimera fan is a unique design that will emphasize the design of your home.

Wentylatory kanałowe, Wentylatory domowe, Wentylatory przemysłowe, Dospel, Wentylacja

Duct fans

Dospel duct fans are used in housing and industrial buildings. The main task for these fans is to support the operation of gravity ventilation by enhancing the air flow. The fans can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Centrala wentylacyjne z rekuperacją, rekuperacja, Dospel

Air handling units with recuperation

Dospel air handling units ensure efficient air exchange in buildings, its task is to supply fresh air from the outside. The main purpose of ventilation units with recuperation is forcing air circulation during ventilation of rooms, heat recovery from the air and filtering the air supplied to the rooms.

Wentylatory domowe, Wentylatory ścienne, Wentylatory łazienkowe, Dospel

Domestic fans

DOSPEL domestic fans are universal fans. They are widely used primarily in the ventilation of bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, as well as office and residential rooms. There are five basic fans for ventilation ducts with diameters [mm]: 100, 120, 125, 150 and 200.

Zakończenia wentylacyjne, kratki wentylacyjne, Dospel, Wentylacja

Ventilation duct ends

DOSPEL offers a wide range of ventilation ends that enable the creation of an effective air exchange system and provide an aesthetic finish to ventilation systems. Wall and ceiling grilles are used for supply and exhaust ventilation, they are a decorative finishing of the ventilation duct.

Centrale Wentylacyjne Berluf, rekuperacja, rekuperator, Dospel


Berlüf is a ventilation system aimed at increased sterility to provide you with constant access to fresh air. The housing of the control panel is made of galvanized sheet metal and the interior is covered with a layer containing silver nano-particles, as it inhibits the growth of over 650 types of pathogenic strains of bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds.

Wentylatory Przemysłowe, Wentylatory kanałowe, Wentylatory ścienne, wentylacja, Dospel

Industrial fans

They provide ultra-fast air exchange and maximum air flow. A wide range of technical parameters and a modern design make these fans suitable for the ventilation of public utility buildings, commercial premises, industrial halls, warehouses and farm buildings.

Kanały wentylacyjne, kanały płaskie, kanał okrągłe, zakończenia wentylacyjne, DOSPEL SYSTEM

Dospel System

Dospel system means comprehensive solutions in the field of ventilation. It consists of flat and round ventilation ducts, such as elbows, couplings, tees, flanges, mounting brackets and reduction. The Dospel System is used for effective supply and discharge of ventilation air.

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Dospel Professional

Dospel Professional is a brand specializing in the production of industrial ventilation and air conditioning systems. Our assortment includes air handling units, heating and ventilation units, industrial fans, standard, compact suspended, roof, pool and medical air handling units as well as suspended and roof air handling units.

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